Which age group of people like to travel more often?

This survey is conducted based on different criteria and intended to examine the travel habits of the public. The survey was assigned to the different age group of people which are young adults and middle-aged adult.

age group

The age range of young adult is 18-year-old to 35-year-old while middle-aged adults are between 35 to 55 years. The purpose of dividing the participants into two groups is to determine the way they think in different age group. Among 40 participants, there were 20 participants were young adults while another 20 participants are middle-aged adults. This survey consisted of 15 simple questions to determine their travel habit. Although the number of questions more than ten, but it was direct and participants may take a few seconds to think and answer each question. The last question provided a space for the audience to share their thoughts on travelling and the reason they like or dislike travelling.

travel with who.png

Among the participants, 35% of the participants are male while female occupied 65%. Most of the participants travelled with three to five-person in a group. However, there were 90% of them usually travel with family. Friends are their second choice to travel with.


In addition, there were 55% of the participants go on holiday two to four times per day which including their weekend trip and travelling abroad. The result showed eight participants will travel with travelling group because nowadays most people preferred a self-guided tour due to modern technology. There were a lot of people and blogger shared their travel experiences on their blog and social media, it allowed the audience and their readers plan their trip based on others travel experiences.


Besides, there were 55% of participants will consider their budget before choosing a holiday destination because 27 participants preferred travel abroad instead of travelling in their own country.


The result surprisingly showed those who chose domestic travel are majority middle-aged adults. Some of the participants explained that travel abroad is costly and it may take hours to board a plane and travel to other countries.


The comment above showed the reason why participant preferred domestic travel.

The participants also shared the reasons they chose domestic travel is they found the beauty side of their country and they can also use their own vehicle when travelling. There were four middle-aged participants showed they do not like to travel because it is tiring and they assumed that travelling is an activity which wasting their time and money. While the others showed a positive point of view on travel because it enhanced their family bond and explore more culture as well as experiences. Out of 27 positives comments, there are seven comments showed that travelling allowed them to relieve their stress from working and studying.

In a conclusion, most people are still preferring travel nowadays. Travelling seems like an activity which can relieve stress. On the other hand, some may not prefer to travel but they still have their own habit to relieve their stress. From this survey, we can see that young adults have the passionate on travel while some middle-aged adults are less likely to travel.


Malaysia Airline student travel programme

We always hear the slogan “Now Everyone Can Fly” but there were some people think that they are not afford to purchase the air tickets. This strong slogan belongs to the low cost airline in Malaysia which is AirAsia. However, Malaysia Airline just came out with their latest promotiom for all Malaysian students who wish to travel. According to the Group Chief Revenue Officer Ignatius Ong said that there were 1.2 million youths and students have travelled on Malaysia Airlines. The numbers are growing ans therefore they decided to bring this progamme in order to attract more students to travel on Malaysia Airline and cater to their travel needs. For more information, let’s check out my video in this video!


Did MH370 threaten Malaysian Tourism?

When the people discuss Malaysia tourism, I am sure that most people will think of China because the tourism flows from China to Malaysia had risen in recent years. According to an economist at Capital Economics in Malaysia, Krystal Tan said in an email that Chinese tourist are a key driver of growth in Malaysia’s tourism and their arrivals in Malaysia have risen an average 16.7 percent year-on-year for the past few years. Compared to before the risen, the arrivals average growth was just rise 1.5 percent year-on-year.


Image source: The Register

China is the most important trade partner for Malaysia and the Chinese make up the third largest source of foreign visitors. It plays an important part in Malaysia’s tourism sector which highly contributed to Malaysia tourism and economy. A few years ago, 2014 was supposed to be “Visit Malaysia Year” which was an initiative of Malaysian tourism board. It was set up to boost the tourism to the Southeast Asian countries. But the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 raise public attention and this tragic incident highly discuss by everyone.


Image Source: Action News

According to CNBC news, The incident was happened on 8 March 2014, the flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur with altogether 239 passengers on board, most of them were Chinese nationals. The entire flight disappeared from the global map. The disappearance of the flight affected the tourism drive of the country with severe adversity. It is not only damaged the reputation of Malaysian tourism, it also caused many countries started to believe that the Malaysian government has failed to solve the mysterious incident and control the whole affairs with professionalism.

In addition, many in China have called for a boycott of Malaysian products and the Reuters stated that nearly a dozen Chinese travel agents who say they had lots of customers avoid planning Malaysia trips. Besides, some of their customers cancelled their Malaysia trip too. according to the Sina Weibo, there were more than 38400 people responding to a poll and over 77 percent agreed that the tragic of MH370 would influence their decision to travel to Malaysia. This showed that the arrivals of Chinese tourist would be decreased as the happened of MH370. Moreover, the tourism earning was also dependent on the tourists from Australia. Not only the Chinese people, the Australian also seemed not in mood to travel to Malaysia due to the mismanagement of the Malaysian Government on the incident of MH370.

However, the Malaysian government is trying hard to restore the confidence of the tourists, the China-Malaysia relationship being at the central point of these efforts. Malaysia has a long-term strategic partnership with China and the bilateral trade in between the two countries have recently been around 100 billion USD. Naturally the economic prosperity and the growth of the national economy of Malaysia is significantly dependent upon the relationship with Beijing and the flow of tourists from China. In fact, tourism is so important for the economic development of the country, that if the government of Malaysia fails to restore the confidence of the rest of the world and fails to assure the tourists from all over the world, that the MH370 is a distant saga never to be repeated in the Malaysian sky, the tourism industry and consequently the development drive of the island country will be in big trouble.

How to improve Malaysia Tourism?

In my last post, I have discussed about the current situation of Malaysia tourism. Based on the current situation, the government should take proper action to improve Malaysia tourism in order to achieve the vision of tourism in 2020 which is achieve 30 million tourist arrival and RM100 billion tourist receipt.

Malaysia is one of the best holiday situation in Asia because this country can provide us different type of getaway ideas. The tropical beaches of islands in the area of Peninsular Malaysia to the historical places of Malacca and the cool highlands in Pahang. The beauty of these places boosted the tourism in Malaysia. In order to achieve the higher goals, the government can also cooperate with the public sector, different governmental department, non-governmental organization, and most of all from the citizen. Here are some suggestions that can be taken by government and Malaysia citizen can play their role in improving the tourism.



Image source: ESL Tutor

The first step is doing a promotion and tell the world wide about the beauty of Malaysia to other countries. This action may attract them to come to Malaysia. The Ministry of Tourism play an important role in promoting the fascinating of Malaysia. The promotion can be started from the tourism websites. The website can provide more details and history of some interesting places in Malaysia. If the website can provide detailed information of each district in Malaysia, I think it done a great job. I would like to suggest that the website can provide a platform for tourist and Malaysian share their experiences and opinions when traveling in Malaysia. Each district and places will have different chatroom so that all the ideas can be categorized. During the sharing sessions, the citizen must share their real experience and feelings towards the tourist attractions. After sharing their ideas, the admin of the page should collect the data and finalize it regularly. Then, the admin publishes the data in a post so that the visitors can read the post and know more about the country of Malaysia.


Shopping & Dining places


Image source: BLVD Sarasata

The Tourism Malaysia also needs to develop more Shopping & Dining places. Selangor has an abundance of shopping malls. Most shopping malls, are designed with special themes and boast plenty of recreational facilities for all in the family. Especially the shopping malls, the tourism of Malaysia must build more shopping malls because Malaysian people loves to go for shopping. Every day in shopping malls, at least 10,000 people comes went for shopping. The management in shopping malls must include shop that is different from other countries and that can only have in Malaysia. This can make tourist from other country comes to Malaysia to buy it.



Image Source: Limelight

Next is the dining, the food and beverages should add more variety of dish out a variety of local, western and international cuisine. This will attract the tourist to come to Malaysia to have a try. The Ministry of Tourism must develop more choices for the visitors and tourist that came to Malaysia. They must add more air – conditioner in the restaurants.



Image Source: iMoney.my

There are many types of transportation in Malaysia. By air, from the airport to the city, by sea, by road, by rail and others. Tourism of Malaysia must improves the transportation. It is for the safety and also make the citizens in Malaysia more comfortable. I take air as example. By air, the state-of-art Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is the main gate away into the country. KLIA is situated in Sepang, about 60 km from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia airlines is complemented by AirAsia, the budget carrier and also Malaysia (MAS). Ministry of Tourism can improves more the facilities in both plane.

In conclusion, in order to increase tourism in Malaysia there needs to be a more sincere effort from all of us. In the spirit of  one Malaysia we should first of all feel proud to be Malaysian and count our blessings for the freedom and peace that we so often take for granted. Only then would we feel delighted to see others coming to our country to enjoy what we have and at the same time bring along returns which in the long run benefits us all.

Malaysia’s current tourism situation

From the year 2007, the tourism of Malaysia had been boosted rapidly and tourism became one of the economy booster. The unique of culture and value in Malaysia attracted a huge number of tourists visit to Malaysia. The country became one of their target destination when they plan for their holiday. According to the Malaysia Tourism , the statistics showed that the tourists arrivals and receipts reach the highest record by year.

Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board or Tourism Malaysia is an agency under the Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Malaysia. It focuses on the specific task of promoting Malaysia as a preferred tourism destination. Since its inception, it has emerged as a major player in the international tourism scene.


Photo taken from Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board. 

In 2017, Malaysia registered 25.9 million tourist arrivals, placing it among the major tourism destinations of the world while the tourist receipt managed to achieve 82.1 billion. There are some inflation and deflation of tourist arrival by months in 2017 but the tourist’s arrival in December reached the highest record.

Photo taken from Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board.

The statistic above showed the tourist arrival and receipts to Malaysia increasing from 2007. Besides, Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia had been set a goal in 2020. According to the Malaysia Tourism Data , the vision of 2020 is to achieve 30 million tourist arrival and RM 100 billion tourist receipt.

In order to achieve the vision of tourism in 2020, the tourism Malaysia started to establish Malaysia Smart Tourism 4.0 initiative in an effort to embrace the increasingly apparent trend of digital technology usage in tourist travels. With the advance of technology, smart phone can be one of the devices to boost the tourism of Malaysia.

According to the former Minister of Tourism and Culture YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, he said that Malaysia Smart Tourism 4.0 will collaborate with Tencent Holdings. Tencent is the 4th most valuable internet company in the world, the company will create a digital ecosystem for Malaysia to reach iut to the billion Chinese population by employing effective marketing strategies. The digital technologies can help the industry players to improve tourism offerings and tourists experience. Tourism Malaysia aimed to achieve the Vision 2020 in tourism since there is an anticipated 1.8 billion people travelling the world by the year 2030. Among the 1.8 billion people, there is a huge portion is Chinese tourists. The collaboration will be more success in chinese community.

Photo blog

Hey guys, today I am going to share you three nice photos attached with the caption and my point of views. These high quality photos managed to bring different senses to the audience and let me share you some analysis of these photos. If you have any thoughts on these photos, please do not hesitate to drop a comment at the bottom of this post!



A gorgeous spot Malaysia’s Cameron Highland, BOH Tea Plantation. Photo taken from Pixabay.

The image is definitely feels warmer and lively because the colours involved in the photo are bright. It was quite relaxing and tranquil because there is not much action took place in the photo. The main focus of this photo is the tea maze that is closest to us, some part of the tea maze had been highlighted when the sun rays coming down. The blue sky, mountain and tea maze looked connected to each other The author managed to give viewers a sense of peace, calmness and comfort in this photo.



The tourist became joyrider passenger along with a painted boy riding on a decommissioned motorcycle in Penang. Photo taken from Pixabay

The composition of the photo managed to lead the eyes of viewers from the left to right. The main focus point of this photo is the iconic murals in the Penang street. The author applied the “rule of thirds” composition in this photo where the main focus was at the centre of photo. If you look at this photo carefully, you will found it filled with interesting details. The author placing the dinosaur at the edge of the frame, it reflected that a dinosaur is chasing the riders and they both turned round and look at the dinosaur.



A boy is sharing his shooting to his friend during the sunset at a park.  Photo taken from Pixabay

The author used the “rule of thirds” in this photo where the main focus was placed at the centre. The main focus of this photo is the silhouette of two boys. Silhouette is a wonderful way to convey mystery, emotion and mood to the viewers. The colour of the background looks feels very warm and the action of two subjects brings a sense of harmonious to the viewers.  To keep the simplistic element of the image, the background is kept plain and simple.

Top 5 reasons to travel in Malaysia

When you are ready to travel or having a vacation, I would say that Malaysia always be the best choice of destination! When people talk about travel, some of them may think that travel abroad will have more fun compared with travel in mother country. Honestly, home country may have lots of fun places are waiting for you to discover and explore.

As a Malaysian, I would like to suggest the others to travel in Malaysia before travelling overseas while foreigners are welcome to plan the country of Malaysia as their next destination. Well, today I am going to share why you must travel in Malaysia. I believe that these reasons will compel you to pack right away!


Malaysia is truly Asia, it located in Southeast Asia and it able to provide different experiences that you wish to gain from other countries. The citizen was made up of different ethnics and cultures. Beside providing a better understanding of cultures, Malaysia can also allure with hills, weather, rainforests, islands, beaches and so on. I do not want to ramble on, now let’s start with the reasons why you must travel in Malaysia.

1. Low cost of vacation.


If you decided to have a shoestring budget or planning for an affordable vacation, Malaysia is the best choice. You may choose to stay in a welcoming guesthouse or backpacker hostel. They will probably cost you less but you still have the choice to pick a luxury hotel. If you wish to visit the sightseeing places, all the entry charges are reasonable and affordable. Besides, if you wanted to save more, you can feel free to take public transport to your destination but it will cost more time compare with hiring a touring car during your trip. If you want to save your time and escape from crowd, you can hire a touring car and it is more convenient.

2. Best cheap eats with more varieties.


Regardless of income and social status, day and night food markets are most welcomed in Malaysia. The food is mostly affordable to everyone and it provided different variety of food. Malaysia is a multi-racial country, you can find a lot of traditional food with low price at day and night food markets. If you are willing to having meal outdoor, I believe that day and night food markets will provide great insight into the everyday life of Southeast Asian locals. What a great experience! Let’s discover delicious food at a cheap price. The top street food to try in Malaysia are Assam Laksa, Rojak, Koay Chiap, Chee Cheong Fun and Ice Kacang. These food will leave you asking for more.

3. Perfect tropical climate


The tropical climate in Malaysia is truly a great experience. If you are plan to travel to the countries with four seasons, you might be mentally and physically prepared for the seasons. You required to prepare the outfit and clothes which suit the season and skin care products. If you travel during winter, you probably need to prepare winter clothing and give yourself some time to adapt yourself to the weather. The weather in Malaysia is a mixture of both high hear and sudden rains, the air in Malaysia is humid. If you are travelling in Malaysia, you need a simple and easy outfit with a T-shirt and pants. Since the weather is unpredictable, you are advised to prepare an umbrella when you have outdoor activities. The weather will allow you to plan for a trip anytime you want.

4. Beautiful islands and beaches


I believe that everyone knows about the beauty that Langkawi is but it is not the only tropical beauty in Malaysia. There are numerous islands and beaches which became the attractions. Perhentian Island and Redang Island are the main attractions, they are made for beach and island lovers. The white sand beaches and crystal clear sea water making it popular while scuba divers are welcome to visit here. Best islands and beaches to visit in Malaysia are Langkawi, Perhentian Island, Tioman Island, Redang Island and Borneo.

5. Multi-culture art


Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multilingual and a multi-racial society. The society consisted of 52% Malays and other indigenous tribes,30% Chinese, 8% Indians living side by side forming a rich cultural heritage. The art and culture of them each may be influence by other ethnic because they live together since they born. Despite of the majority ethnic in Malaysia, the minorities are still existing in the multi-racial society which is Peranakan or Baba Nyonya. Baba Nyonya is the Chinese migrants who intermarried with the locals and settled down in Malaysia during the early 1400s. The multicultural art can seen obviously from Baba Nyonya because some of them are still wearing their traditional clothes as their daily outfit. The Baba’s traditional costume is a Chinese dress, with intricate embroidery sewn using gold thread. The ladies wear sarung kebaya, a heavily embroidered Malay-style tunic with a Western style long skirt. They use silver ornaments like kerongsong (broaches), hairpins, earrings and pendants to decorate themselves. It will be a great experience if you manage to discover the culture of minorities in Malaysia.